Frequently Asked Questions

I can't access my team's private repos

By default, StyleCI only requests public repo scopes from GitHub. If you are getting error 403 errors, or your team's private repos are not showing up, then it is likely that you need to enable private repo access on your account. This is free to do, and can be done from the home page, when logged in, or from the profile tab of the account page.

What do I do with my business's VAT ID

If you are using StyleCI on behalf of VAT registered business within the EU, please provide us with your VAT ID. This can be done via the account page.

How do I turn off notification emails

Don't want to get emailed when things change? No problem. You can configure your notification level on the account page. Visit to choose from the 3 notification levels available.

Why am I not receiving notification emails

If you're not receiving any of our notification emails, it could be down to one of several issues.

Whitelist us

A good starting point is to ensure that the email address we use to send emails to you isn't blacklisted or marked as spam by your email provider.

Email notifications are sent from us at, and support emails from

Check your GitHub email

We send emails to email address that you set as your primary account on GitHub. You can also confirm the email address that we have for you by visiting your account page at

Check your notification settings.

You might have turned off analysis notifications entirely, or partially on your account settings. To check what notification settings you have, visit